Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nobel Prize Winner's Message: The Economy Sucks (tell me something I don't already know)

Last night Jim and I were fortunate to attend a lecture and dinner that was part of the Desert Town Hall Lecture Series... held at the Renaissance Esmeralda. The speaker was Nobel Prize wining Economist Paul Krugman... I thought we were going to gain some great insight on the state of the current economic crisis and when we could expect the start of a recovery... what I got is what I already knew... The economy sucks... its going to get worse before it gets better and there's no real indication of when we might pull out of this. He also stated that its really important for everyone to continue spending and quite hording their money... and when asked where he's keeping his money these days... he said he has a lot of cash - Ya, probably hording it in his mattress like anyone else who has any money left! The least he could have done was end with a joke! Still it was a very enjoyable evening and the lamb was exquisite!!! I do have to say the highlight of the evening was picking up the car from valet.... there were probably 500 or more people at this dinner who all needed to get their cars from valet and the young blond valet guy was hysterical - with mic in hand comically announcing each car and its owner as it arrived.. I think you may have had to be there - but trust me, it was a hoot!

Trouble in paradise....

Okay..... I haven't been on in forever because I've been a little stressed out!!! I'm still working at La Quinta Resort, but they've been cutting so many jobs and have cut our hours back and I've just been freaking out! Ya, I know - what's new? Anyway, its still sooooooo amazingly beautiful at the resort and I just recently noticed that we have a bunch of purple and white orchid trees on the property! I had no idea we even had orchid trees in the desert!!!!

Anyway, with my cut hours, I have to take a whole extra day off each week, which may sound great in theory, but when its without pay - its a huge problem :( And of course during this personal economic crisis I have to have a dental crisis - of which my portion costs as much as a house payment! And this week I took off Wednesday off and didn't do much of anything except a few errands and of course laundry and go back to work on Thursday and get a call in the morning (couldn't have happened Wednesday when I'm hangin at home) that Shawn is sick... so off I go again... to the ER again for head trouble (loss of peripheral vision, numbness in face and hands, sever headache, loss of balance).... which they say is just a post-concussion migraine... from the "minor" concussion he got way back in December...and could happen for up to a year or longer after the initial concussion... and they did tell us he could have headaches for a while after he first got the concussion... and he's had plenty of headaches since then, just none for about the past month and none nearly as bad as this one! I'm hoping this was just the grand finale freak headache.... and we're done with it :)