Sunday, October 20, 2013

Worst blogger continued...

I thougth I'd better post the prior post before I ended up losing everything.. since it took me 40 miutes to add the photos and they are still all cadiwompas (where is the spell check on this thing???) Let's see.. what else happened.. oh ya the best thing was Jim's pigs are gone.. hallelujah!!!! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!

But now he has this nighmare goat that has tried to kill me on several occassions... I cannot wait until he moves on... here he is trying to get me while I was inside the car...

Sarah and I went to Anahiem to see our cousin Hailey's cheer competition. She was awesome and we had a fun time visiting with everyone.
Sarah got her drivers license.. and drove us to San Jose for a party at Aunie Dee Dee & Amy's... it was so great to see our family. We spend a couple night at cousin Julie's and hung out with our Silvestri cousins and Marina and her kids.

Worlds Worst Blogger...

So I went up to Big Bear to visit at a ladies retreat and one of the things they talked about was journaling your life.. which I don't really do... so i decided to go back and read my blog and there were some fun things I would have never remembered on here.. so i thought I would at lease write an update for this year and maybe try to keep it up so I have some kind of record. This year starte off with Shawn's ACL & Miniscus Repair surgery... it was a bummer injury that kept him out of soccer his senior year in high school

Ugh.. no wonder I never do this.. it just took me 20 minutes to get the 2 photos in!!! Here are some other photos from this year.. Shawn & Kassidy at Prom

Shawn graduated from High School!!! We had a little get together at Morton's Steakhouse before the ceremony. It was a great night!