Friday, May 15, 2009

Been a long time....

Wow I haven't been on the blog in ages... just busy... Both kids are in Select Soccer, so they've still been practicing and playing weekly - One more tournament to go and we're done!

In April we went to Auburn with Mike and Melanie (kids dad & step mom) to visit the kids Grandparents. I stayed with Tami one night and Cynthia then next. Cynthia & I met up with Denise for a visit in Colfax. It was a great time... much too short of a visit. Oh and we did a totally fun treasure Easter egg hunt on Easter for the kids :)
Sarah on grandpa's eBay find
Be-headed statue - hiding place for eggs
Sarah & the old Fiat aka hiding place
Shawn up in the library - yet another great hiding place

Over the rest of Easter vacation, Shawn spent a couple of days with our cousin Matthew, Auntie Dee Dee and Amy at their timeshare in Carlsbad...

And then the highlight of Shawn's life - which he actually missed a soccer game for (which is unheard of for him) ---- I took him and his friend (and met another there) to the RC Car Expo in Pomona. They were sooooo excited and giddy I thought they were going to come out of their skin... It really made me wish I had a hobby or something (anything) that made me that excited!
Shawn got measured at the doctor's office the other day and he's 5'6" now!!! Sarah's not far behind... her legs go on forever.... not sure where she got those!
Jim's been back and forth to Tunisia a few times over the past few months -- he's there now, so I'm bored without him :(
That's all I can think of right now!