Sunday, October 19, 2008

Buzzillioins of bees......

Okay... so I called Jim in a panic about the bees... turns out they were coming into the garage from the eves - not from me opening the garage door! He thought he'd try to spray them with the hose... but guess what? No pressure :) So we went and got some bee killer and he sprayed it from the spot they were entering in the garage and tons of them flushed out into the tree next door and all over the neighborhood.....there were sooooooooooooo many more than expected!!!
He sprayed a whole can of killer stuff outside the garage where they were coming in... but there are still tons of them roaming all around the outside of the house!
Then the neighbor sprayed the huge congregation of them in the tree and they're flying all over the place going crazy!!!!
Hopefully they'll be gone in the morning :)

When it rains it pours.....

Why is it that everything has to go wrong at the same time?????? Just when I'm getting used to the messedupedness (yes, I made that up) of my entire life... I have to have MAJOR problems at home.... On Thursday we woke up to NO water pressure... so it takes 30 minutes to take a shower, 10 minutes for the toilet to refill and eons for the washing machine to fill up and you can't have two things on at the same time! And then today as we pulled up in the driveway from church....there's an enormous swarm of bees coming and going from the eves above our garage (I couldn't get a good picture for fear they would come get me)... so I think I can open the garage door and drive in and shut the door behind us.... WRONG - they swarmed right in with us... so we're stuck inside the car in the garage inside with bees all over the place! So then I have to open the door again and let more in and get us out and we park down the street and come in through the side door... now we have bees outside and in the garage and we accidentally let one in the house!!! Buzz off!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's finally cool!!!

Yippi - what a beautiful weekend. I'm so thrilled to have had to take my sweatshirt to the soccer games this morning... The kids (Shawn, Sarah & we had Rachel too) all had games scheduled at 8:00 today (Sarah's ended up getting rescheduled to 3:30) and they're all #5 - pretty cool. Sarah scored a couple goals, but all 3 teams ended up losing....

But that didn't put a damper on the day... the kids dad and step-mom came to town, and we decorated cupcakes. I made pumpkin cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes and Melanie melted chocolate chips and swirled it into the cupcakes...and she brought stuff for us to make fall and Halloween themed cupcakes. They were delicious and we had so much fun decorating!!! They were also pretty cute... well except the ones with the brains and guts on it - we sent that one home with Mike and Melanie for Grandma Nancy (Melanie's mom) - it started out being a clump of flowers, but as soon as Sarah painted it this weird pink color on it looked more like a brain, so we went with it... Anyway, Grandma Nancy will love it!

Melanie and I always have fun cooking together... we still spend occasional holiday's together since they have the kids for a couple holidays and that sometimes leaves me alone and bored and since I was part of Mike's family for so long and grew up in the town his parents still live it I would just tag along when they went up for the holidays. We haven't been back up to Auburn in so long... I really miss it. I'm so thankful that we're friends... It makes things so much easier. I know a lot of people find it weird, but its totally normal for us. We're all aware that Mike and I disagree on most things, (that's why we're divorced) , so we no longer have to try to agree or resolve anything; we just set our differences aside and focus on our responsibilities to our kids and trying to provide them with a little bit of stability :) I just figure if they come up a little less messed up than me... we're doing okay!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did I really say I love soccer season????

Wow... I can't believe I forgot how hectic this time of year is! Haven't had a second to blog or do much of anything else... I think today was the first day I had a vegetable with a meal all week :) Shawn has 3 projects due for school that require my supervision/participation and work has been super busy too....

The kids had their first soccer games this weekend... It was a great day - Sarah scored 1 goal and Shawn scored 2!!!

My friend Sara was here this week to get her son Grant packed and ready for his mission to Missouri. It was so great to see her and I'm so excited for her son to have this opportunity!

I'm thrilled that its showing signs of cooling off around here!!! I actually have the windows open again tonight - now if I can just get to sleep all will be well...

PS... Jim and I went to see Nights in Rodanthe as soon as it came out... it was so sad - we were sobbing... It was different from the book...I ended up disappointed and give it a thumbs down :(