Sunday, November 3, 2013

Up to date now!

Last night Jim and I went to the church fall fiesta for a little bit.. then headed over to see Vince Gill at the McCallum.... it was a great show.. he played for 3 hours!!!

October... Making Progress

Jim and I towed the Junior float for Shadow Hills High School homecoming.. it was a lot of fun and the kids looked sooo cute... and their float won best float!


Jim and I saw the Zach Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl as an early anniversary present.  Dwight Yokum showed up to do a song with them.  It was a great night!

Still Playing Catch-up!!!

In August we had a major rainstorm that did tons of damage all over the valley!

And Sarah brought home the most delicous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream --- Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup..only to find out it was a special edition for "Walmart" only... thank goodness they never seem to have it in stock.. we have only found it one time since the first : )

Cabo Wabo!!!

In July Jim and I went to Cabo.. just the tow of us! My coworkers at Tradition Golf Club purchased the trip through an auction after the member who purchased it wasn't able to go. Ya.. super crazy I know.. I couldn't belive it... Most amazing gift ever!!! The Esperanza Resort was above and beyond... it was just like being in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. We had the most relaxing wonderful time ever.