Friday, June 19, 2009

My Birthday & My New Costco Card

Okay.. my birthday on Thursday was the best ever!!! The day before my birthday Alysa, Roxanne & Denice showed up at my work at the end of the day and took me out for a wonderful birthday celebration... It was so much fun - I thought it was the nicest thing ever... UNTIL the next day…I worked on my birthday and then Jim and I had a date planned.. I requested dinner and a movie - so he told me OK - be ready at 5:10 sharp - we have a dinner reservation at 5:30... don't dress too casual - bring a bag with tennis shoes and a sweatshirt, 2 spoons and protection! Don't worry - he meant the Smith & Wesson type ;) Oh ya.. he also asked if I thought I'd get sick if I went for a car ride blind folded? Ya... I was freaking out a little bit too -- until we got there!So he picks me up and has a CD playing, that his kids made for us, of our favorite music... Barry Manilow, Journey, IZ, Andre Bocelli... and takes me to Cuistot - my absolute favorite restaurant!!! And I start thinking --- we could have gone to Jack in the Box and I'd have been just as happy as long as it’s with him - alone - on a date - and used all this money to pay my electricity bill :) But as we dined at the chef's table on Rabbit Pate, Lobster Ravioli and Rack of Lamb... all my cares just slipped away... It was a completely delectable meal topped it off with a delicious Floating Island desert courtesy of our waiter!!! Then it was off to the movies for endless laughs and into the car to be blindfolded. Drat… I forgot to pay attention to the turns... and couldn't figure out where we were going! I had in my mind either the Tram or up highway 74 and even though it had entered my mind that yes, I'm a little neurotic and crabby sometimes I still get the feeling from him that he genuinely loves me and I didn't think he was going to take me out to the desert and shoot me and throw my body off a cliff... okay maybe I thought that for a minute - but when it came down to it.. I was just excited to get where we were going :)So finally, we get close and he puts the car into 4wheel drive... now that was SCARY!!! I thought for sure we were going to tip over and fall off a cliff ! But he talks to me about what’s happening and about trusting him the whole time and we finally come to a stop... whew! He gets all his stuff together and lets me out and takes off the blindfold.... I still have no idea where we are except that it’s out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night and there are all kinds of creepy creatures out there and snakes and coyotes...and at that exact moment I'm saying thank heavens for the Smith & Wesson! The weather was perfect - warm with a light breeze - no sweatshirt needed, billions of stars were shining soooo bright and appeared to be right at my fingertips. It was absolutely beautiful...I could have stayed up there all night. We walked on uneven ground (tennis shoes on) for a short distance and all the while he’s talking all sweet about how we’ve covered rocky ground and how we’ll cover more and all this other deep meaningful inspiration stuff … and we get out to a point above the lookout on highway 74 where the crystal clear view of the city lights was amazing! He laid out a blanket and pulled out the goodies... Ben & Jerry's mint chip ice cream (more like a milkshake by now, despite all his ice packing efforts, no spoons needed after all), chocolate covered strawberries (that he and Natalia made that afternoon) and Fiji water!!! We sat and chit chatted for a while...then he gave me a cute card from his kids and then the one from him with a Costco card in it – I was so excited as my Costco membership had run out and I couldn’t really justify renewing it – then I turned it over and it said “Wendy A Parks” and he pulled out the ring and the rest is history or shall I say - eternity!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah's Birthday - Shawn's Promotion - Kids Departure

Shawn's 8th grade promotion was on Thurs - June 11th.. it was a beautiful night and a very nice ceremony. So proud of him... I only got this one sucky photo before my camera died!

He opted out of the class trip to Magic Mountain and somehow he and his friend Caleb talked Caleb's mom into taking them to Knotts Berry Farm for a day and talked me into letting Shawn cut a day of school... They had a great time :)

Sarah celebrated her 12th birthday with a few friends on the last day of school... The afternoon started off a little rough, but then one of the little girls suffered a hideous bloody wound on her leg while chasing a boy around the pool area and the trauma of it all seemed to bring them all nicely back together and it was peace and harmony and a great time for the rest of the night! And yes, the injured little girl turned out okay.. no stitches required (no skin left to stitch)..

Shawn & Sarah departed for 2 weeks with the grandparents on Sarah's actual birthday - June 15th. I took them to Ontario airport to put them on a flight for Sacramento. I was shocked to find out that once they are 12, they no longer considered unaccompanied minors and can just check in and get on and off the plane with out any adult anywhere!!! So, technically, I could have just dropped them at the curb :) But I went in with them anyway - this time.... The airline guy showed Sarah how to get her ticket from the machine and check her bag, then I let her find our way to the gate... That was fun for her... she was so excited to get on the plane with just her brother.... he thought it was pretty cool too... and on the other end they found their way to baggage claim where the grandparents were waiting... I felt a little okay knowing that Shawn has his cell phone -- but so freaked out that given the opportunity, they could just jump on a plane and hit the road anywhere at any time! Good thingthey don't have any money :)

Anyway, Sarah will be in Auburn with Mike's mom Dianne for 2 weeks and a couple of my friends will pick her up to hang out a little and Shawn and Mike's dad David are hitting the road for a trip to Canada... a literal road trip, camping on the way... Both should have a great time and I will have some great peace and quiet..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Time

Well summer's upon us and the weather has been soooooo fabulous here in the desert... not so much this past weekend in Redlands where it was freezing! The kids had a soccer tournament all weekend... lots of fun and great games... Shawn's team came in 4th and Sarah's didn't really come in any place, but they had a great time :)

Shawn has his promotion ceremony for 8th grade this Thursday... I'm so proud that he worked at getting his grades up this last quarter... although I noticed it really didn't take him much effort.... so it seems that it would be easier (on me at least) if he would just stay on top of things from the get go :) I'll have to continue to encourage that option next year. I can't believe he's going to be in high school!!!!

Sarah turns 12 on Monday and both kids are leaving with the grandparents for 2 weeks... Sarah will be hanging out with her grandma and the golden retriever in Auburn, while grandpa, Shawn and the Alaskan Malamute take a road trip to Canada.... I so wish I was going! It's sooooooo beautiful there! Don't know what I'll do for 2 weeks with no responsibility --- and peace and quiet... I haven't been alone that long in I don't know how long maybe since before I was wait I lived with my mom before I was married... so that would be never!!! I've never been alone for 2 weeks... I probably won't have a clue what to do :)