Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cute girls... long drive

Just got home from HOURS in the car picking up kids from Fontana/Ontario area - traffic going West was a nightmare... took 1 1/2 hours just to get to Cabazon (normally 30 minutes). Happy to be home :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Things to be thankful for....

Thanksgiving was very nice this year... I dropped off the kids at Mike & Melanie's in the morning and hung out there for a while.... then off to meet Jim and his kids at his mom's house for dinner... then back to Mike & Melanie's for more dessert and Pictionary and finally home... alone for a couple of days - where I sit unmotivated to do much of anything - its absolutely wonderful!!!!

I'm thankful for this beautiful Thanksgiving morning rainbow (yesterday), and I'm thankful that I wasn't at Toys-r-us in Palm Desert today... there was a multiple shooting - right here in Palm Desert!!! This world is becoming such a dangerous scary place :( And my absolute top things to be thankful for are my health and my children's health and my job --- I'm so fortunate to have these!!! And then there are the other things that are huge as well.... having a house to live in, a car that runs well, food in the fridge, Jim, humor, and the church. I know there are more, but these are all I can muster up right now :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember when we dropped that baby?

Today my friend Laurie from Junior High School came out to visit me - I found her on the Placer High School website a couple of months ago and hadn't seen her in over 20 years!!! We had a great time talking about old times... we lived in the same neighborhood our Junior High years and we have great memories of those days - and okay - a few not so great memories.... Yes, I remember when we dropped the baby!!! It was our first hands on baby sitting lesson... "don't ever turn your back on a baby on a changing table". Fortunately she wasn't hurt and I haven't dropped another since :) No wonder Michael Comstock got all the baby sitting jobs... she deserved them anyway - she's just one of those people who was born to be a mother - she has 6 kids now!

There are some pictures below from way back then...The first ones are of Laurie and I - and I'm too tired to talk about the rest... But for those of you who know us, you'll get a laugh and hopefully some great memories... Good night!

Monday, November 17, 2008

"You and Me Against the World" - Song of the day...

Okay first off... time flies !!!! I have not had one second to sit down and relax (or blog, read blogs, catch up on housework, exercised, sleep or anything else....) for the past 2 or 3 weeks... I don't know where the time goes, but there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day for me to get anything done - ever! And speaking of time flying - today is the 6 year anniversary of my moms death... 6 years! I can't even believe its been that long and so I was looking around the house and garage for a recent picture of her to post on here today and after taking sooooo many walks down memory lane looking through old photos - I finally realized there weren't any recent pictures - because there aren't any recent pictures of her (she has been gone for so long)!!! I actually didn't come across too many pictures of her at all, which was kind of a bummer. Most of my pictures from my adult life are just of the kids.... I really need to get with the program so they have more than just pictures of them from their childhood. After I couldn't find a picture, I decided I'd try to find one when she was about my age... this is the best I could do. She's around 36 here, so about 5 years younger than I am... Still - I think she looks more mature than I do... RIGHT? It's probably just the beehive :)

Anyway - I think just about all the songs that are on my play are on there because they have very specific memories tied to them - so all day today I've been singing Helen Reddy's song "You and Me Against the World" in memory of my mom as she always used to blast it and tell me that it was "our song" because it was always the two of us against the world (since my dad died when I was a baby - ya... its been 40 years - I can't even believe I'm old enough for something in my life to have happened 40 years ago!!!!!).
Gotta get some sleep now - I'm feeling old - no wonder I'm tired :)