Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Storm

This weekend we have had such a delightful change in the weather. Saturday morning I awoke to a wonderful thunder and rain storm and tonight the most amazing lighting storm I've ever seen in my life. I was so thankful Elizabeth called to tell me about it as I would have missed the whole thing without the heads up! I tried to capture it on my digital camera, my cell phone camera and my cell phone video camera, but I got nuthin!!! I'm sooo bummed! I copied this photo of similar clouds from the Internet where someone had it titled "nasty lookin' clouds" - Can you believe it? The cloud cluster here was a little smaller, but still magnificent and so bright and beautiful and there was lots of lighting going on inside of it - it was unbelievable! And - I think it lit the funk I've been in since last Friday right out of me - hallelujah!!! Mind you - this is not the Friday two days ago - it's the one a week ago... a major funk accompanied by a pesty little headache (I rarely get headaches - so this was a double inconvenience) - with no apparent source - just a shift in perception I suppose. You know how every thing's the same - you have all the responsibility and challenges and whatever that you've always had (kids, bills, no money, working full time, being a single parent - ie, no relief or backup - this stupid pain and swelling in my hand (good news is - this go round its only in my hand and its not carpal tunnel, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis - bad new is - it sucks and limits my ability to do normal stuff!!!) and then there's Shawn :) - he's completely on overdrive lately - his impulse control is nil - but on the other hand his Tourette's seems to be pretty well under control - or maybe we're just so used to it we don't even notice anymore? Neither of us can figure it out... It's so hard - I just don't know how to handle it. And then I question - maybe its me??? Anyway - I guess we'll be off to the doctor this week for some pharmaceutical help - which neither of us like as we haven't had too much success with it in the past, but we have new insurance, so it will be a new doctor this time and maybe they'll have some new suggestions. In the meantime I've begged him to try an herbal supplement for 1 week to see if there is any improvement - otherwise one of us will need something to get through this... No wonder people drink :) anyway - so nothing has really changed in life but them bam - all of a sudden you're completely overwhelmed by anything and everything? You do know - right? Anyway - I get like that occasionally for a few days here and there, but this was such an extended amount of time I was getting overly frustrated!!! At Target when I was returning an item the other day - I stepped up to the counter at my turn (there's still at least one person behind me as well) and took my merchandise out of the bag and set it on the counter - meanwhile the clerk steps aside and is casually chatting away with her co-worker and finally turns around and says "oh, do you need help" - so I say OUTLOUD "no, I just thought I'd stand here" Ya - right in front of my kids - they just look at me like you have sooooo lost it lady! And then - my house payment was way over due, so I'm waiting for payday, etc to get enough money to pay it (28 days late - I've rarely paid anything late in my life) I was so excited to finally have the money to pay it I did a check by phone and begrudgingly paid the extra $35 in late fees and the $15 pay by phone fee and that was it - whew - another hurdle cleared - YIPPI! But then - two days later I realize I didn't pay anything else - that's right I completely forgot about the bills that were actually due - not that it would have mattered as I'm out of money, but just the fact that I didn't even realize there were other bills to pay is very disturbing to me - now I have 5 more unpaid bills all with late fees and my head is spinning (like you can't tell) and I'm ready to vomit. My ability to function in public along with my perfect credit score are going down the tubes right along with my sanity! I guess I'll be looking for a weekend job here as soon as season picks up??? Anyway, yesterday I finally thought to pull out an herbal supplement I use for PMS (even though its a week too early for that - that's what I have to look forward to next week - that should push me right over the edge:) - and whether its the weather or the herbs - I'm just thrilled that I'm snapping out of this funk!!!

So I'm sitting here typing and I hear a weird grinding noise behind me and it's the cat - chewing/tugging on the hair of one of my old dolls! Crazy cat!!! And then a few seconds later, she's cuddled up right next to it!!!
We've been cleaning out closets and such, getting ready for the school year, and we came across a few of my old dolls in Sarah's stuff that I'm just not ready to let go of then when she protested against me telling her she could only keep 5 stuffed animals (not counting Webkins) out of all the dozens that we dug up - how could I argue when she wanted to keep 10 or maybe more? I think I still had some of my stuff animals up to about 5 years ago or so and I'm still having trouble parting with these old warn out dolls. The good news is - is that we still managed to get rid of 2 loads to the Good Will and we have at least 10 big trash bags full of garbage that was stuffed everywhere!!! It didn't seem like there was that much stuff when it was all crammed away. Maybe I'm one of those crazy hoarder people and don't even know it???? Someone call Oprah!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ya right...

So late last night I'm catching up on blog reading and I come across Lisa's hilarious description of letting her 3 year old painting her finger nails... I couldn't believe it today when Sarah asked if she could do my hair in pig tails!!! So, remembering what a trooper Lisa was, I decided to give it a go. And there Shawn was laughing hysterically with camera in hand. Fortunately Sarah noticed the error of her ways straight off and allowed me to remove the pig tails....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monterey - Cousin Julie turns 50 !!!

We had a great weekend in Monterey with our family. Cousin Julie turned fabulous 50 and had a birthday bash at Del Monte Golf Course. We met our new cousin Landon for the first time -he's already 6 months old (Craig and Marina's baby). It was fun to see all of Julie's friends - she's so lucky - she's got this wonderful magnetic personality and has sooooo many great friends!!! Julie's cousin Sue also had a pool party out at her home in Carmel Valley - the kids had a blast. We wished we could have stayed longer. I didn't get too many great pictures as my camera seems to be on the fritz since I dropped it on the pavement :( OH - and it was the weekend of the Concours d'Elegance and the Concorso Italiano so there were Ferrari's and Lamborgini's all over the place - Shawn was beside him self every time we were on the road! I can't figure out how to organize these pictures and type by them, so in order they're: Sarah & Cousin Kaitlyn. Amy, Cousin Syndey, Auntie Dee Dee, Toby. Cousin Matthew. Landon, Marina & Cousin Craig. Matthew, Shawn & Sarah. Shawn


First trip to Solvang... not much time since we were just passing through on the way to Monterey, but a quaint little town I'd love to return to when I have more time. Stayed at a great Hampton Inn in Oxnard right on the harbor the night prior - this Hilton employee hotel rate is fabulous!!! And I just got my health, dental and vision benefits - It's so great to have a job :) I think I might like to go back there as well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Huntington Beach

Went to Huntington Beach 2 weekends in a row... Lots of fun. Lunch at Ruby's diner on the pier and lots of dolphins in the water -not while we were swimming but very cool to see from afar!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shawn turns 13!!!

Well I've been oh hiatus from blogging due to trouble with my hands... its mostly under control now, but I'm still limited to how much I can use the computer for fun since I'm on all day for work. Anyway, I'll try to catch up a bit here and stay current.

Shawn turned 13 this month... and I took he and his friend Caleb to Boomers for the day. It was sweltering, but they seemed to have a great time - so all was well.