Friday, August 29, 2014

Aloha - August 2014

Ugh....I'm such a slacker blogger...I better go on vacation more often so I remember to blog.  I just thought about it now because I'm afraid I will forget what happened on vacation so I logged and see that I'm forgetting my whole life!!!  I love reading all this old stuff... I don't know why I can't remember to keep track of things better :(

So Jim and I are in Kona Hawaii with the kids (sans Nicky...she opted to trade out her vacation for the Lallapalooza music festival in Chicago...which turned out great and she got photographed and posted on Teen Vogue's  website in an outfit she designed an sewed herself :). And our girls got to bring their friends Jackie & Jazmin.

We are having a great time!  We have been all over the island.  We visited the Captain Cook monument, the City of Refuge and went snorkeling at this amazing beach called Two Steps.... We went to Hilo, then to the volcano park and saw steam escaping from random areas, smoke coming out of the volcano and walked through a lava tube... It was super cool!  We also went to Botanical World botanical gardens and got lost in a huge hedge maze while the girls had fun riding segways.

The boys have been scooting all over the place on scooters and Jim rented a Harley one morning and cruised north to check out the farms.  Right at the beach at our hotel, the Marriott Waikoloa we went snorkeling, rode hydro bikes, kayaked and paddle boarded.... I even stood up on the paddle board...oh my what a great workout that was!  The girls did the glass bottom boat tour..I was too afraid it would make me seasick...but I did get to do some yoga on the beach :).

We've had a lot of great food and too much delicious ice cream - my favorite was coconut cream :)

I will try to post some photos later when I figure out how to get them out of my phone :)

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